Our clients often ask us questions that we feel our other clients and readers would be interested in as well. The following question regarding vector and raster images was asked by our client when they needed to provide their logo to a vendor to have it embroidered on shirts – which requires a vector form of a logo.

Q: I have a high quality .jpg file of my logo, but I’m often asked for it in an “.eps” or “vector” format. What’s the difference?

A: There are 2 different types of images. One is “Raster” images (also called bitmap images) which are made up of a bunch of tiny squares called pixels. These types of images generally cannot be enlarged (or reduced) without suffering a loss in quality. The image can become fuzzy, blurry and lose its’ distinct characteristics. This format is useful to have for inserting your logo in word documents or an email (as long as you do not scale it up or down).  Photographs are also raster images as are other Jpgs and Tiff files.

Vector images, the 2nd type of image, are described by shapes that are precise mathematical descriptions instead of pixels. This allows the image to be scaled without suffering a loss of quality. It is also the format needed for ordering promotional products with your logo, embroidery, and billboards and other signage. Images that are Vector images have the extension .ai or .eps.

It is possible to convert your .jpg logo into a vector format in most cases. Call me at (404) 502-5531 or email terry@quickcreative.net for a quote. We can typically have your vector logo ready within 48 hours.

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