Recently, we decided to have a little fun with social media and try an  experiment to see if we are able to do what we think should be possible. QuickCreative Advertising is on a business card hunt to collect 5 business cards from specific companies.

We decided to turn to social media to see if that made it possible for us to reach the right people at the companies on our list.

We’re hoping that through retweets, forwards, and posts we can catch the right person who can then mail us the business card and we can check it off of our list. Should make for an interesting article about the power of Social Media Marketing. And any social media experts out there – we need your expertise. Tweet us and let us know what we’re not doing that we should be doing to harness the social media power and achieve our goal of collecting the five business cards listed below – our trophy if you will!
So far, we have not reached our goal – so we obviously could use the advice of you experts out there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome as we begin our experiment!

To recap our Business Card wish list, here are the cards we are trying to get sent to us:
1. Subway Restaurants – Fred DeLuca, President
2. Life is Good – Bert Jacobs, Chief Executive Optimist or John Jacobs, Chief Creative Optimist
3. The Coca-Cola Company – Muhtar Kent, President and Chief Executive Officer
4. Apple – Steve Jobs (purposely kept him on our list in case you were wondering)
5. Jimmy Buffet – We’d like to know if Jimmy even HAS the need for a business card and we know he’s not exactly a company (although he might as well be) Nevertheless, he’s one of our favorites and we’d love his business card – if indeed he has one 🙂

If you have some great advice for us and can help us figure out how to do this, tweet us (@quickcreative), email us or, if you have one of the five golden eggs, mail the card to QuickCreative, PO Box 2762, Suwanee GA 30024. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to sharing our upcoming newsletter story on this experiment! Please feel free to repost, tweet, anything to see if we can make this experiment a success!